Hassett Automotive

It’s one of those inescapable facts of life…motor vehicles need periodic servicing. As magnificent as today’s automobiles are, eventually they’re going to require a check-up, just like the people that drive them.

At Hassett, the main concern for our service customers has always been — and will always be — to provide quality and excellence as quickly as possible. Now Hassett has gone a step further, making the inevitable time you have to spend here servicing your vehicle more pleasurable than ever.

Even if you don’t need service, a trip to our newly-redesigned Service Waiting Area would be a pleasurable experience. “Just for starters, we’ve doubled its size, as well as the Service Write-Up Area,” states Marc Zergebel, General Manager at Hassett of Wantagh. “We also raised the roof, literally, with a new ceiling height exceeding 10 feet so it’s a lot more roomier than ever before. Then we “topped it off’ with a beautiful new storefront featuring floor-to-ceiling tinted glass.”

However, it’s what now fills this new spaciousness that customers will really enjoy. Hassett’s redesigned Service Waiting Area is now a state-of-the-art facility where those in waiting can make valuable use of their time watching Smart TV, tapping into Wi-Fi, using the dealership’s designated ‘Customer Computers’, or taking care of business at one of our phone workstations. “We wanted to make our Service Waiting Area conducive to productivity or pleasantly passing the time, whichever a customer prefers,” Marc continues. “It’s the kind of environment where whatever the choice, the time passes quickly.”

Being Long Island’s #1 volume Ford/Lincoln dealership, as well as a nine-time winner of Ford Motor Company’s coveted President’s Award for excellence in sales, service, and customer satisfaction, Hassett wasn’t about to overlook the other essentials people desire. For maximum comfort, the new Service Waiting Area features high-efficiency (“green”) lighting and an eco-friendly HVAC system that meets all of today’s environmental initiatives. Delicious snacks and drinks are now available thanks to Hassett’s appealing Refreshment and Coffee Bar. Relax, read your paper or Kindle on the new customized furniture and seating. And when Nature calls, there’s another “first”: a brand new ADA-approved customer bathroom on the lower level, complete with modern amenities.

“Over several decades, Hassett has earned a reputation for service excellence and integrity,” Marc asserts, “and now we’re transforming what it’s like to wait for the service you need. Our philosophy is that since, at some point, everyone has to spend time at a service center, that center should at least be a great place to hang out. Maybe even the kind of place you’re not anxious to leave.

“Even if you’re not looking for a fast getaway,” Marc says with a smile, “our expert service technicians and representatives are still going to get you back in your car quickly.”

If you’d like to see what Hassett’s beautiful new Service Waiting Area looks like, come on down to our showroom on Sunrise Highway in Wantagh, just a half-mile west of the Wantagh Parkway.