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These days, it seems practically everyone wants to sell you an extended warranty plan for the vehicle you drive. Companies you’ve never heard of and others asking a lot of money for their plans run TV and Internet ads, bombard you weekly with e-mails, even send flyers and pamphlets to your home. Being inundated with so much often-conflicting information can leave anyone confused as to if they even need such a plan, and if so, which to purchase.

Since most people get an extended warranty to guard against the expense of big repairs or on-road breakdowns, it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to for the protection you desire. If you don’t really know who you’re dealing with, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a competitive price…or if they’ll provide the appropriate service when needed.

“At Hassett, we sell only manufacturers’ extended warranty plans,” says Dan Cellmare, Finance Manager at Hassett Automotive of Wantagh. “All three of our automotive partners — Ford, Lincoln, and Subaru — offer extended service plans (ESPs) with coverage so comprehensive, it would be easier to list what isn’t covered than what is. Just as important, Hassett backs up these plans 100% by always ‘going the extra mile’ for our customers. So no matter which model gets your engine humming, you’ll be confident of your protection plan every time you get behind the wheel.”

Of course, though all three companies provide similarly inclusive coverage, there are some differences to their respective plans. For your convenience, we provide the following ‘snapshot’ of what each offers:

Ford “PremiumCARE”
PremiumCARE is Ford’s most comprehensive service plan coverage ever to protect you from unexpected vehicle repair costs. It covers both parts and labor costs for thousands of key new and used car components — from engine, transmission, and electrical components to steering, brakes, front suspension, and more — for up to seven years or 125,000 miles! In addition, they have several plan options, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget. This is the only ESP fully backed by Ford Motor Company, and a sensible way to limit your out-of-pocket expenses on large repair costs, as you pay only the applicable deductible. Here are some of the other benefits you get with Ford PremiumCARE:

• Service at all Ford and Lincoln dealers in the U.S. and Canada

• Guarantee of genuine Ford-quality parts installed by factory trained and certified technicians

• 24-hour roadside assistance

• Rental vehicle benefits for up to 10 days for covered repairs

• Your Ford ESP is transferrable, which may increase your vehicle’s resale value

Lincoln “PremiumCARE”
Value. Flexibility. Peace-Of-Mind. Luxury car drivers expect nothing less from Lincoln. And just as Lincoln delivers unsurpassed luxury and performance on the road, they give owners the best of everything with their exclusive “PremiunCARE” ESP. While incorporating the same comprehensive benefits as Ford’s plan, Lincoln’s exclusive service coverage also includes:

• Towing and emergency travel assistance in addition to traditional  roadside assistance

• Flexible monthly installment payments with no fees or added interest

Gold Plus “Added Security”® From Subaru
Subaru’s exclusive Gold Plus “Added Security”® ESP is a natural extension of the reliability for which their vehicles are renowned worldwide. In addition to national coverage and unlimited claims, it also provides protection against vehicle wear and tear, features a $150 car rental allowance and $100 for towing, and comes with a zero-deductible offer. While “Added Security” delivers part/component coverage classically offered by quality ESPs, it lives up to its name by going further to cover such items as cruise control, radio and speakers, CD and DVD players, heater/air conditioning ducts and vents, and power seat motors, to mention just a few. But there’s still more, including:

• Exclusive “Road Hazard Tire Protection” against costs related to damage from potholes, nails, glass, and similar problems not covered by the tire manufacturer’s warranty.

• A special “Trip Interruption Allowance” of up to $500 if you car needs to be kept in the repair shop overnight.

“Each one of the ESPs reflects the best coverage in the automotive warranty industry,” states Hassett of Wantagh’s General Sales Manager Lou Evans. “All of us at Hassett are proud to be associated with Ford, Lincoln, and Subaru. Once you see all these amazing extended service plans offer, you’ll immediately understand why they’re the only ESPs we offer. When you have the very best, why mess with the rest?”

If you’d like to learn more about either Ford’s, Lincoln’s, or Subaru’s extended service plans, please contact Dan Cellmare at [DAN’S E-MAIL ADDRESS], or give our finance department a call at [PHONE #].