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In a world where ridiculous amounts of technology are at our fingertips, the ingenious folks at Subaru have developed their own ‘Guide to Everything’ by using their Facebook page to crowd-source information about recreational activities, sights, restaurants, and outdoor areas.  With plenty of content supplied by Lonely Planet, ‘Guide to Everything’ gives adventurous Subaru owners a tool to find the most interesting locations.

“Subaru owners are adventurous. So we are asking them to help write the greatest social guidebook ever written,” said Dean Evans, Subaru of America’s top Marketing Officer.

Using the Facebook app is easy. Simply, click Add A Location to place a pin on the map indicating the location of your favorite hiking, camping, biking, or eating destination. Although Subaru lists some advice on what places to pick, anything can be placed on the map as it is a guide to everything. Look carefully are one can find Hassett’s Subaru dealership located on Long Island in Wantagh, New York. Each location has an area for people to leave comments, get directions, and more. The whole guide is essentially a Google Places for Subaru owners, complete with more than just businesses and eateries.

“This is not a guidebook for the glove box; it is a highly-mobile, social resource for the adventurer on-the-go,” exclaimed Alan Bethke, and other director of marketing communications at Subaru of America.

Hassett of Wantagh sells Subaru vehicles from their location on Long Island. To find a full selection of the most current cars visit their Subaru inventory or interact socially via Facebook and Twitter.