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Everyone remembers what it felt like wanting to be “the first kid on your block” to get the hottest new…whatever. So just imagine how great Whit Gallman feels being the first person in his home state of North Carolina to own the revolutionary 2012 Ford Focus Electric. And one of less than a handful on the entire East Coast!

There was an obstacle or two for Whit to overcome in his quest. To begin with, only a very few dealerships nationwide were able to order it this past February. So Whit went online and discovered that Hassett  of Wantagh could take his order, and soon he was talking with Internet Manager Tom Cinelli. “He was really excited about being able to order the new Focus Electric,” Tom recalls, “and thrilled to have found a dealership who could get it for him. Hassett was part of a very select group of dealerships in New York and California Ford was allowing to place orders, in fact the only one in the entire Northeastern United States at the time.”

“I really love this car, and waited a long time to get my hands on one,” states Whit. “After a pretty involved online search, I found that Hassett could order it for me, no small feat considering no other dealer within a couple of thousand miles had access to one. Tom made the ordering really easy, so the only difficult part was the wait.”

Whit’s patience was rewarded a few months later. On May 26th, together with longtime friend Peter Rubeinstein, the mechanical engineer and avid car enthusiast hooked up a U-haul to his current vehicle and drove 650 miles from his Charlotte, NC home to Long Island. Upon his arrival — driving with a sign reading ‘Out Of Gas And Loving It’ fastened to the back to his new car’s back window — Whit became not only the first North Carolinean to own a 2012 Ford Focus Electric, but the third person in the country, as well.

“When you look at all this amazing car offers, it’s no wonder Whit was so enamored of it,” notes Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett  of Wantagh. “The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is rated the most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle in America, and features a revolutionary lithium-ion battery system that delivers a city fuel efficiency rating of 110 MPGe, the best in its class. Focus Electric owners who purchase Ford’s 240-volt charging station will also enjoy being able to fully charge their vehicle in roughly half the time it takes with a 2012 Nissan Leaf.”

According to Evans, only a limited number of these remarkable vehicles will be produced for the 2012 model year, so those who want to get in on one of the greatest creations since the wheel have a limited window of opportunity to place their orders. In addition to the proven economy and performance, the new Ford Focus Electric also offers buyers a federal tax credit of $7,500.

Of course, as with every car purchased at Hassett of Wantagh, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will come with their exclusive Owner’s Advantage Program that delivers a myriad of benefits. Although, as Whit points out, it will have one noticeable difference.

“Tom told me that their ownership program includes free oil changes for the first year. I really don’t know what I’ll do with mine, since the Ford Focus Electric ensures I’ll never need one. Or a single drop of gas, for that matter. This car really changes everything.”