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Ford’s Mustang is arguably one of the most iconic American cars ever. It was, of course, the vehicle that spawned an entire class of pony car competitors and has held the crown for nearly 5 decades. Recently, the good folks over at Inside Line (Edmunds’ blog) released a story in which they rendered a version of the 2015 Mustang that looked like this:


Shocked? Surprised? Offended? Excited? All of these reactions and more have no doubt been experienced when different drivers first see the rendering of the 2015 Ford Mustang. According to Inside Line, Ford has confirmed that this drawing will at least look “close” to the production offering barring some minor changes. While the 2012  Mustang variant has used design cues from Mustang generations of old for a “modern-retro” feel, this new pony car will be configured as more of a “world car”.


Based on the Evos concept that Ford released earlier at a high profile auto show, the 2015 Mustang seems like it will share at least some factors with the 2013 Fusion which will also be built on the same platform. As Inside Line puts it, the “next-generation Mustang will evolve into a performance car for varying tastes” meaning that the future Ford will be smaller, sleeker, and less-bulky. One huge change is the rear axle which will drop the same straight axle that Mustang-drivers have been used to and finally make the jump to a independent rear. This is likely due to European’s (and the rest of the modern world) obsession with the precise handling of an independent rear suspension.

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