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It’s officially spring-time and Hassett of Wantagh wants to make sure that your car, truck, or SUV is running the way it should. Even though this winter has been relatively mild, many cars can develop issues during the colder months that only become apparent once weather starts becoming more favorable. Since Long Island is starting to warm up, Hassett wants to make sure everyone can enjoy their vehicles and get to their destination safely. The following are a few tips for checking out your car before springtime driving.

“Drivers often overlook their cars when it is spring cleaning time,” says Shawn Hoelzer of CarMax. “Following a few easy steps to spruce up your vehicle helps avoid costly repairs.”

Obviously taking your Ford, Lincoln, Subaru, or other make vehicle to Hassett of Wantagh  for a check up is your best bet, but some inspections can be performed at home with just a little knowledge and some free time. The first area to check is your battery which could have been strained during the winter. Look for signs like weak headlamp or interior lighting and power windows taking longer than usual to roll up.

Next, drivers should check their brakes because salty road conditions can contribute to the corrosion of braking elements. In addition to salt, winter conditions makes it more likely that the driver may have activated the anti-lock brake system multiple times. Look for signs of wear such as squeaking, grinding, or pulling the car to one side or another during braking.

Another important element to inspect is the car’s tires. Simply place a quarter ( or penny as shown above) between treads and make sure that part of Washington’s head is always covered. If you can fully see George’s head than this would mean that you have less than 4/32′s of an inch of tread left which could mean your vehicle is unsafe to drive. Tire tread removal is certainly nothing to ignore because traction loss can result in accidents. Watch this video to learn more about tire safety:

Hopefully these tips will get your in shape for the spring-time but if you need anything looked at more in-depth please stop by Hassett of Wantagh and check out our website as well. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Hassettauto. Thanks for reading and safe travels.