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C’mon…it’s happened to you. Or at least to someone you know. You see an advertised pre-owned price in an ad, head to the dealership, then find that ‘great low price’ in the newspaper is a sham. The dealer has a whole carload of hidden fees, and before you know it, the actual price is a lot higher.

That can’t happen when you buy a pre-owned car, light truck, or SUV from Hassett of Wantagh. There are no hidden fees. None. “Hassett takes a lot of pride in doing business the right way,” asserts Pre-Owned Manager Sal Rivela. “For over 40 years, this dealership has maintained a reputation for honesty and respect for our customers. When we give you a price on a high-quality pre-owned vehicle at Hassett, that’s the price you pay. No hidden fees…no unwanted surprises.”

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why Hassett has been Long Island’s #1 certified pre-owned (CPO) volume dealer for the past two years, as well as a nine-time winner of Ford’s prestigious President’s Award. What this all means to you is a worry-free buying experience with whichever pre-owned vehicle you desire.

Here are some of the extra, ‘hidden’ fees you’ll be charged by other dealerships, but never at Hassett of Wantagh:

NO DELIVERY FEES. No customer should ever be charged for this, as the new or pre-owned vehicle is already at the dealership.

NO ‘PREP’ FEES. Again, the dealer has already completed any needed preparations, and included that in the purchase price. It shouldn’t cost a customer more for the vehicle to be roadworthy.

NO TRANSPORT FEES. This is a bogus fee other dealers charge, supposedly for transporting a vehicle from an auction or another lot. Since it’s not being delivered to the new owner’s home, this fee is completely unnecessary.

NO ‘HIDDEN CASH DOWN’ PRICES. Some dealers advertise a certain price with an asterisk next to it. If you don’t read the fine print, you won’t realize the ‘$17,995’ price is really ‘$19,995’,because an additional $2,000 down payment is required. Hassett’s advertised prices — in print or on the Internet — are real.

NO FORCED FINANCING . Many dealers force you to finance with them at a higher interest rate in order to get the advertised selling price.  If you don’t finance with them, they will add from $1,000 to $2,000 to the price of the car.

You should know that, as part of your final price, Hassett does charge $75 for preparing all paperwork required by New York State. This is the state-mandated amount that can be charged. There have been reported incidents of other dealerships charging as much as $295 for the same service, getting around the law by merely calling it something else.

It’s a sad fact of life…we live in a ‘buyer beware’ world. There are people in every walk of life — including auto dealerships — that engage in deceptive business practices. Sal has these words of advice to avoid getting taken by such people:  “If you happen to see a dealership advertising a price in the paper, on TV or radio, or online, go down there and ask the salesperson to verify the price you saw. If he or she starts stuttering or avoiding the question, trust your instincts, get up, and head for the exit. Then come over to Hassett and buy your next pre-owned the old-fashioned way…from someone you’re really going to like.”