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Over 100,000 orders have been placed for Ford’s Active Park Assist feature which uses technology to parallel park a car without the driver’s need to do anything except push a button. Seeing as though New York’s space constrictions create plenty of places where parallel parking is necessary, Hassett of Wantagh believes that Ford’s new technology will be extremely useful for city-dwellers.

The technology calculates the optimal steering angle and quickly steers the vehicle hands free into a parking spot.

“Ford Active Park Assist takes all the stress out of parking,” said Ford engineer Kay Muller. “At the touch of a button, it enables you to park in the smallest of spaces, while at the same time reducing the risk of accidental damage to your vehicle and those surrounding it.”

Here’s how Active Park Assist works:

–          The driver activates the system by pressing a button, which activates the ultrasonic sensors to measure and identify a feasible parallel parking space

–          The system then prompts the driver to accept the system assistance to park

–          The system then takes over and steers the car into the parking space hands-free.  The driver still operates the gears and the accelerator and brake pedals

–          A visual and/or audible interface advises the driver about the proximity of other cars, objects and people provides instructions

–          While the steering is all done automatically, the driver remains responsible for safe parking and can interrupt the system by grasping the steering wheel

Active Park Assist is available on multiple Ford models, including the 2012 Escape, Explorer, Flex, and Fusion as well as the Fusion Hybrid.  You can find these models with or without Active Park Assist at Hassett of Wantagh. Here is a look at the technology at work: