Hassett Automotive

Okay…we’ve been lucky. It’s been a snow-less winter in the tri-state area up to now. But there’s a lot of winter 2012 left…and odds are we’re going to get hit a couple of times before it’s all over. Maybe more.

That’s why Hassett of Wantagh — Long Island’s #1 volume Ford Lincoln dealer, (based on 2011 calendar year retail sales for Long Island from the Ford sales report) is fully-stocked right now with top-quality snow plows for Ford F-250s and 350s in regular and extended cabs. And, of course, no other dealership offers a better selection of these two truck lines than Hassett.

“We have a plow to suit the full range of requirements whether personal or professional,” states Ken Vighi, Truck Manager at Hassett. “From light-duty to contractor-grade, we’re a one-stop shop for every snow plow need. We can also supply V-type plows, or expandable plows, which run from eight to ten feet. And all are available for immediate delivery.”With over four decades in the commercial truck industry, Ken has the knowledge and experience to help each Hassett truck customer determine the exact plow that best suits his or her needs. He’s supported by a state-of-the-art full-service facility dedicated exclusively to commercial trucks.

Hassett of Wantagh is the only dealership in the entire tri-state area with a commercial truck-only service facility,” he notes, “with a staff of highly-trained technicians to handle any snow plow requirements. We offer a large selection from the top snow plow manufacturers, in all cab and bed sizes for both the F-250 and F-350 model lines. Whatever it takes to  get your job done, we can help make it happen.”

According to Vighi, that includes a broad variety of accessories for those looking to upfit their truck with more than a snow plow alone. From sanders and salt spreaders to bedliners, auxiliary lighting, even professional-grade lettering, Hassett is the name so many of the region’s leading professionals count on to keep their commercial truck and snow plow businesses up and running throughout the winter, and all year long.

“If I was a betting man, I’d put money down that the New York metropolitan area will get its fair share of the frozen white stuff before Spring arrives,” says Vighi. “We’re ready with the snow plows any F-250 or 350 owner needs to handle it. Which is why our attitude — and our customers’ — is simply ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’.”