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Remember that first rush of excitement you got when you drove for the first time? Cornering, acceleration, braking, and even putting the car into gear was new and fun. Then you grew older, got a job, and driving became somewhat less fun and somewhat more robotic. Well Subaru’s newest sports car, known as the BRZ, plans to put that same kind of zest back into the daily commute.

Developed in a joint project between, Subaru and Toyota, the BRZ is a low-slung, rear-wheel-drive saloon, with a penchant for curvy roads that let it show off the spectacular handling it possesses.  Inspired by the Porsche Cayman, Subaru set out to build the perfect “pure handling sports car” and many critics are commenting that the Japanese automaker nailed it.

While some readers may be puzzled why Subaru, who makes fantastic AWD vehicles like the new 2012 Impreza, is dabbling in RWD sports cars. Its because Subaru understands that drivers crave excitement and quality performance. Take one look at the Subaru BRZ in the video below and we defy you to say it does’t look fun to drive!

If you like what you see, then wait until Spring 2012 when the BRZ will be coming to the US. Hassett of Wantagh is proud to offer quality Subaru vehicles and we can’t wait to see more about this amazing vehicle.