Hassett Automotive

Once again exemplifying their deserved reputations for innovation and leadership, Ford and Hassett of Wantagh are about to celebrate two exciting — and historic — firsts.

This November, Ford will be debuting the all-new, all-electric 2012 Ford Focus Electric, the first of five new electric vehicles the company plans to introduce over the next two years. And as one of the tri-state area’s sales and satisfaction leaders, Hassett is one of only four dealerships on Long Island chosen to carry this amazing new vehicle.

“This is a very special honor for us, one we’re happy to be able to share with our customers,” says Lou Evans, General Sales Manager for Hassett Automotive, Long Island’s #1 volume Ford and Lincoln dealer. “A lot of other dealerships would have loved to be able to sell and service the Focus Electric, but Hassett’s long history of excellence earned this exclusive selection by Ford.”

Since it doesn’t burn gasoline, the new Ford Focus Electric produces zero CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, allowing everyone to breathe easier. Among its many advanced features is the remarkable Traction motor which performs the conversion between electrical and mechanical power. Since electric motors are three times more efficient than their standard gasoline counterparts, both heat generation and energy loss are significantly minimized. The result is superior performance that’s both eco- and budget-friendly.

Advanced Battery System

Equally impressive is the lithium-ion, liquid cooled and heated battery, which has a total capacity of 23 kWh, and is designed to perform for the life of the vehicle. While the average cost of charging the battery will vary by region and individual utility provider, the estimated expense is between two and four dollars. Just as exciting is the fact that the Focus Electric’s innovative powertrain lets this extraordinary automobile deliver a surprisingly impressive miles-per-gallon equivalency ratio that can match virtually every other electric car on the road. And its state-of-the-art instrumentation makes it easy to monitor the engine’s energy consumption so every driver, and his or her passengers, enjoy a fun and worry-free driving experience.

Last, but certainly not least, the standard 120-volt cord makes it simple to charge the battery pack in your garage overnight; however, an optional 240-volt outlet — which requires installation by a licensed technicians — gets it done in between three and four hours.

As unique and leading-edge as the 2012 Ford Focus Electric is, so too are the dealerships like Hassett where the first ones will arrive. “In addition to Hassett Automotive’s other quality attributes, we were required to enroll in Ford’s Electrified Vehicle (EV) Certification Program,” explains Evans. “It’s an extensive process that ensures a dealership’s commitment and expertise in supporting and servicing every Ford all-electric vehicle, not just the Focus Electric. This means our sales staff and technicians will be thoroughly trained to take complete care of our all-electric and hybrid customers. Certification also requires the installation of two Ford-endorsed charging stations at our dealership, which we’ll have in place well before the November introduction.”

As if there weren’t enough merits to going all-electric on the road, don’t forged that purchasing the new Ford Focus Electric may mean special tax rebate incentives of as much as $7,500. How much each customer may qualify for depends on a number of variables. More information on available federal tax credits is available at www.irs.gov and www.fueleconomy.gov.

Those who want a ‘sneak peek’ before the new Focus Electric arrives can go to www.media.ford.com. And keep checking in at www.hassettautomotive.com for exciting announcements regarding dates and times for its November debut.