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Okay…no one ever accused the Subaru Impreza of being the world’s sexiest automobile. But the new, impressively-redesigned 2012 version is turning a lot of heads, as much for its good looks as its improved performance over its predecessors.

One can’t help but notice the exciting new styling of the fourth-generation Impreza with its sleek, athletic profile and muscular rear fascia. Subaru has also managed a striking optical illusion: the 2012 Impreza sedan and five-door models seem considerably larger than the prior generation while actually standing no longer or wider. How did they do it? By lowering the roof by a half-inch, shortening the overhangs, widening the front and rear tracks, and delivering a wheelbase that’s a whole inch longer.

Just as seemingly counterintuitive, the new Impreza manages to weigh less yet provide superior safety. Thanks to redesigned seat frames, a switch to electric power steering, and a more compact gas tank, it’s nearly 165 pounds lighter than the previous incarnation. However, as a result of its new knee airbags, brake override system,, and hot-pressed-steel center roof brace — which enhances the chassis strength and rigidity — the 2012 Impreza’s roof-crush strength is now four times its weight. Federal standards require only a three-to-one ratio.

“The all new completely restyled Impreza,” says John Fanuzzi, Sales Manager at Hassett of Wantagh. “has a brand new 2.0L, four-cylinder engine available with either a five-speed manual or advanced lineartronic CV (Continuous Variable) transmission. That does more than provide smooth yet powerful performance…it significantly improves gas mileage, as well.”

According to John, this new Impreza delivers 36mpg on the highway, compared with last year’s 26mpg. That’s a nearly 40% increase! Just as pleasurable for consumers is the fact that, despite all these improvements, the starting price on the basic vehicle remains the same as in 2011. And, of course, the 2012 Impreza features Subaru’s renowned all-wheel-drive.

Add to all this the handsome new leather interior — the first year leather has ever been available in a LTD version — and the buzz over the new Impreza seems extremely well-deserved. Which makes it quite understandable that Subaru dealerships are looking forward to their arrival as much as drivers.

That date is just a couple of months away, in early November. And to listen to John, it can’t come fast enough.

“We’re extremely excited about the new Impreza,” he states with a big smile. “If it were up to me, we’d have gotten them in yesterday. Our customers are looking forward to getting their first look, too. We’re expecting the 2012 version to be an even bigger seller than the brand has been in the past, since it’s lighter, safer, faster, and a lot more attractive than ever before. In terms of sales, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this amazing new car performs on the level of its Forester and Outback siblings.”

As one of the tri-state area’s leading Subaru dealers, Hassett will be among the first to receive 2012 Impreza models…order yours today. Check this website regularly for updates on their arrival.