Hassett Automotive

It isn’t every day one gets to write about a life-altering development…something that changes all that came before. That, essentially, is what Lincoln has given the American driving public in 2011 with the addition to virtually every model of revolutionary in-vehicle SYNC with MyLincoln Touch™ technology.

At Hassett Ford Lincoln in Wantagh — Long Island’s number one volume Ford Lincoln dealer (based on 2010 calendar year retail sales for LI from the Ford sales report) — the public’s reaction has been overwhelming. “People are generally excited about new technology, especially one like this that makes their world safer and easier to navigate,” states Lou Evans, Hassett’s General Sales Manager. “SYNC with MyLincoln Touch really is smarter technology, letting drivers stay connected to the world without diverting their attention from where it should be.”

With a simple voice command or touch of a button, it’s now possible to listen to music from your MP3 player, USB, or portable hard drive. Want to crank up for the guitar solo from “Free Bird”? Just say the word. Need to adjust cabin temperature? The power’s right in your fingertip. As is the ability to get directions to whatever destination you desire. Distracted by a grumbling stomach? Just say “I am hungry”, and MyLincoln Touch will display a full menu, complete with dining reviews and turn-by-turn instructions on getting there. All this and more is easily accomplished with your hands firmly on the wheel, and eyes glued to the road ahead.

“The system recognizes more than 10,000 voice commands,” adds Lou, “and is compatible with iPhone®, iPod®, Zune, and many other popular audio players. Even more important, SYNC with MyLincoln Touch enables a driver to connect directly to a 911 operator following an accident where their airbag is deployed. When you think about it, it can actually serve as both a life-giver and lifesaver. How many cars can do all that?”

If the benefits of SYNC with MyLincoln Touch ended there, it would still be a remarkable technological achievement. But the engineers and designers at Lincoln were just getting started. At the center of the system is a center stack sporting an eight-inch touch screen and media hub with multiple input/output ports. The right steering wheel controls provide effortless access to music and entertainment directly in front of you without affecting the content on the eight-inch screen.

The left-cluster screen makes it possible to perform a system check, and access all necessary vehicle information, while the driver’s hands remain securely at 2:00 and 10:00 o’clock. Monitoring driving efficiency, checking oil and fuel levels, even performing a routine system check — which includes blind spot and cross-traffic alerts — is sheer simplicity, with everything required conveniently located directly in one’s line of sight.

“At Hassett, we’ve always made quality and customer service our top priorities,” says Lou. “Everyone at Hassett is proud that we’ve been a winner of Ford’s President’s Award eight years in a row since 2003, and this remarkable new technology shows Ford has the same dedication to total driving excellence. “SYNC with MyLincoln Touch changes the entire driving landscape, and puts Lincoln far ahead of the competition in terms of customer safety and satisfaction. I invited everyone to come down to our Wantagh showroom and see the future of automotive luxury and efficiency for themselves.”