Hassett Automotive

It’s Your Dime

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November 1, 2010

Hassett Automotive has been in business a long time. In step with our valued customers, we’ve thrived in economic highs and survived economic lows – name the national economy, good or bad, and we’ve seen it. Twice.

So we know about good business: the significance of customer service, the importance of long-term relationships, the real definition of “value.” We’ve learned a lot over three decades, and right at the top is this: It’s your dime. And you’re going to get the most for it from Hassett.

So Hassett does everything possible to satisfy our customers, new and old. It starts with Long Island’s top selection of Ford cars and trucks, the highest-rated vehicles on the road today – from Super Duty trucks (with the best resale value in their class) to the trendsetting Fusion Hybrid (better resale than Toyota Camry) to the zippy, pocket-friendly Fiesta (better resale than Nissan Versa). Patented craftsmanship and value is built into every car, truck and SUV that rolls off the Ford line, and Hassett is happy to bring it to you.

But value abounds at Hassett, no matter what make or model you’re after. Take the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which bests 700 city miles on a single tank of gas (while providing quality and luxury Acura, BMW and Lexus just can’t match). Or the mold-busting Lincoln MKX, the vehicle that redefines the luxury crossover with best-in-class fuel economy. Or the legendary Mercury line’s most value-laden entry, the Milan Hybrid, deemed America’s most fuel-efficient sedan by R.L. Polk & Co.

Of course, “value” has many definitions. Along with selling and leasing only vehicles of supreme quality, Hassett takes great pride in a quarter-century-plus of customer satisfaction. That begins with hiring Long Islanders – your friends and neighbors – who treat each and every customer like family. It also means working hard to present unique and attainable financing options, when others say “no” to credit and leasing. It means a topnotch team of technicians and ASE-certified mechanics to handle every service need, and it means understanding every customer’s needs, from the landscaper to the sports-driving enthusiast to the family of eight.

And for seven years running, all of that has added up to the highest recognition from Ford: The Ford Motor Company President’s Award, which recognizes top Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers for superior accomplishments in customer satisfaction in both sales and service – the very best of the best.

We at Hassett are pleased and humbled to be counted among them. We’re delighted with the service provided by our expert staff and thrilled to offer cars and trucks renowned for safety, innovation and efficiency. But most of all, we’re proud of the value we offer our clients – and not just the higher resale values, lower maintenance costs and exceptional efficiency. This is a value you can’t always find on paper, the kind that keeps clients coming back year after year, whatever the national economy is doing.

It’s your dime. We know it. So we do anything and everything we can to add value to every sale, every lease, every visit, every time.

Come on in for a test drive, and we guarantee this: By the time you leave, you’ll have a new understanding of what “value” really means.