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October 11, 2010

Hard to believe you could take something like the Lincoln MKX and make it better.

Prepare to believe.

The SUV world has been upended, again, by Lincoln’s standard-busting crossover. Combining best-in-class horsepower (an exhilarating 3.7-liter V6 charging an impressive 305 HP) and best-in-class fuel economy (an EPA-estimated 19 mpg city/26 mpg highway, and no premium fuel required), the MKX is redefining the role of the luxury SUV – adding smarts and savings to its prestige and power.

“A dynamite car,” says Lou Evans, general sales manager at Hassett of Wantagh, where the new Lincoln star is shining brightly. “It’s amazing to me that they can pack that kind of horsepower and all these amenities into something that uses less fuel than every one of its competitors, but they did.”

Torque and efficiency, however, tell only part of this tale (Lou’s not joking when he mentions “all these amenities”). Inside and out, the MKX’s eye-catching, comfort-improving, mind-bending features set new marks for all luxury vehicles – making drivers smarter, and keeping passengers safer, than ever before.

Start with safety: From the Advance Trac electronic stability enhancement system (helping the vehicle determine when and how to use its brakes) to Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (delivering torque to the wheels with the most traction), MKX is focused on passenger protection. Even more subtle standard features, like rain-sensing wipers and a handy rear-view camera system, are designed to keep people safe, inside the MKX and out.

Of course, the MKX couldn’t be a Lincoln if it wasn’t beautiful, and this crossover is one to behold. Embracing thoroughly modern lines, the exterior stands out even when it’s standing still, thanks to the sexy split-wing grille, oval chrome exhaust tips and available 20-inch wheels. Inside, temperature-controlled 10-way power seats and available amenities like premium leather, genuine wood trim, the Panoramic Vista Roof™ and seven customizable colors of ambient lighting add richness and warmth to a unique driving experience.

Adding sizzle to that experience are standard features like remote start, adaptive cruise control and the SelectShift Automatic™ six-speed transmission (offering the excitement of a stick and the convenience of an automatic), along with a range of high-tech options that turns an incredible driving machine into a bona fide wonder of mechanical opulence.

Sure, the MKX has High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps that turn when you do (adding up to 32 feet of visibility around the darkest corners) and the one-of-a-kind MyKey™ system (which lets you limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume, program earlier low-fuel warnings and engage a series of other safety and maintenance protocols). Of course it boasts the SYNC® in-car connectivity system, linking the MKX to your Bluetooth-enabled phone or compatible MP3 player and enabling hands-free control of your calls and music – as well as on-demand traffic, news and weather reports and instant 911 Assist™ services.

But even these impressive innovations take a back seat to the MKX’s crowning feature, the industry-exclusive MyLincoln Touch™ system. A trend-setting shift in automation and control, MyLincoln Touch (in concert with your SYNC system) keeps you seamlessly connected with your MKX and the entire world, facilitating a full range of entertainment, communication and vehicle-diagnostic functions.

Utilizing the most well-planned touch controls on the market today (including two five-way steering wheel switch pads and three LCD displays) and responding to 10,000 voice commands, the automation center lets you customize your driving experience to your comfort and taste. From local movie times and the latest sports scores to turn-by-turn directions and anti-collision alerts, the MyLincoln Touch/SYNC combination will forever change the way you interact with your vehicle.

“The reaction people have to the MKX is amazing,” Lou notes. “They see it across the lot and fall in love with its looks, but when they get inside and really learn about it, they’re just blown away. Things like THX® sound and the Blind Spot Information System really make an impression.

“Tremendous looks, great power, terrific fuel efficiency and some of the smartest features I’ve ever seen in a car,” he adds. “This SUV really has it all.”

The MKX may have it all, but for anyone looking for the best selection of (and best deals on) the hottest Lincolns of all, only Hassett Has It. Stop by Long Island’s No. 1-volume Lincoln dealer to find yours today, or check out the great online selection anytime at www.hassettautomotive.com. (Remember: About the only thing the 2011 MKX can’t do is come find you.)