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Let’s Get to Work

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July 2, 2010

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. But baby, it’s super.

And … you guessed it … Hassett Has It, in stock, right now.

Here’s something Ford knows that the other guys just can’t grasp: When it comes to their livelihoods, hardworking pros have no interest in compromise. Whether they’re executives at corporate HQ or bricklayers at bustling construction sites, professionals with half-an-ounce of work ethic don’t appreciate inefficiencies or excuses. They appreciate results. They do their best and they expect their team to do its best. They can’t waste time wondering if their tools are up to snuff – and if they’re working at that construction site, that definitely includes their trucks.

The F-series of pickup trucks has been America’s No. 1-selling vehicle for decades, and that’s no fluke: Ford has always poured its heart and soul (and considerable sweat equity) into its trucks. But even the mega-dependable, tough-as-nails evolution of the F Series trucks pales in comparison to the latest beasts of the line: The 2011 Super Duties, the ultimate Work Truck.

Start with a new powertrain that redefines tough: Tested over 250,000 miles in temperatures ranging from a frigid 40 below to a searing 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the new Super Duty train takes strength and reliability to new heights by locking down sealing capabilities and juicing up structural integrity. Whatever you need to haul, you’ll haul it better.

Of course, toughness alone doesn’t make a truck a Ford. These are Super Duties, so they better be strong. And they are: From best-in-class max towing capacity to new diesel engines equipped with center-mounted turbochargers for faster air displacement and reduced turbo lag, every Super Duty delivers extra power when you need it.

All right, tough and strong. A great start, and more than enough if you’re satisfied playing the offensive line. But if you want to call the signals – if you really want the ball – you need abilities. You need skills. And goodness, these Super Duties have skills.

How about Trailer Sway Control? Ford’s exclusive Hill Ascent feature? The patented Hill Descent Control™ system?  How about SelectShift Automatic Transmission™, shifting that power where it’s needed most?

How about top-of-its-class fuel economy that’s achieved without sacrificing any torque or work capacity? Skills indeed.

And how about a line of available accessories that can easily customize your Super Duty to your specific needs? From a factory-installed Gooseneck Prep Package to the unique Electronic Locking Differential (splitting power equally to the rear axle and maximizing off-road traction), these behemoths back their brawn with brains.

Look, you either drive a Super Duty or you know you should. But don’t just take our word for it. It was the reviewers at www.macktruck.org that gushed how the 2011 Super Duty is “raising pickup truck standards.” It was www.4wheelnews.com that cited the 2011 Super Duty’s “best-in-class diesel” and said it was “getting raves for being powered by a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged engine that is B20 biodiesel compatible.”

It wasn’t us, but http://www.detnews.com/ suggesting the new Super Duties “won’t shy away from work, they relish it.” And we certainly don’t tell the respected thinkers over at http://www.edmunds.com/ what to think, but they were nonetheless “struck by how much more refined and quiet the Ford Super Duty was in comparison [to the 2010 Silverado].”

Speaking of the Silverado, click on over to http://www.fordvehicles.com/trucks/superduty/ and see the F Series in action against leading challengers Silverado and Ram … and see for yourself Why Ford, Why Now.

The all-new, all-business 2011 F-Series Super Duty is in stock right now at Hassett of Wantagh. When you’re done playing on the Internet, come in and grab yours. You’ve got work to do.