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Glad You Asked

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June 15, 2010

Why Ford? Why Now? More than a marketing slogan, these are good questions.

Fortunately, Ford has good answers, which means Hassett of Wantagh – Long Island’s No. 1 volume Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealer – has great news. When you’re the hottest dealership around and the mothership pulls out all the stops on a value-laden national promotion, you get a little giddy.

Comparing itself to Toyota, Honda and Nissan, Ford is asking drivers to “get the facts … then get behind the wheel.” Hassett is going one better, inviting enthusiasts to learn Why Ford and then drive off with the deal of a lifetime, including the exclusive Hassett Owner Advantage Program.

“There’s extra value in every Hassett purchase,” notes Hassett of Wantagh General Sales Manager Lou Evans. Best Service, Best Selection, Best Prices! Add things like free oil changes, round-the-clock roadside assistance and the other great benefits of the Owner Advantage Program, and it’s really something special.

“When Ford goes all-out on a national promotion, it’s even better,” Lou adds. “And right now, they’re going all-out.”

In the case of Why Ford, “all-out” is an engine block-to-engine block drive-off with some of the world’s toughest competitors. Ford is facing leading imports churned out by Toyota, Honda and Nissan on everything from safety to efficiency to the bells and whistles that make or break a luxury driving experience – and model by model, category by category, Ford’s blowing off their proverbial doors.

For the moment, forget all those unfortunate recalls – Toyota makes good cars. But not Ford good. Fords are safer (the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has given Ford more five-star front crash test ratings than Toyota). Fords get better mileage (the 2010 Fusion bests the 2011 Toyota Camry by 2 mpg highway, while the 2011 Fiesta tops the 2010 Toyota Yaris by 5 mpg highway). And Ford’s luxury is in another league (only Ford offers MyKey ® entry and the Easy Fuel ® capless fuel filler, while the Toyota Avalon can only envy Taurus’ 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ V6 engine, BLIS ® Blind Spot Information System and adaptive cruise control).

Honda has been putting quality vehicles on the road for decades – but not Ford quality. The NHTSA has given Ford more five-star front crash test ratings than Honda, too. The Fusion out-miles the Honda Accord by 3 mpg highway, while the Fiesta out-safeties the comparable Honda Fit (seven standard airbags to six). Along with the exclusive Sync ® hands-free system, only the Edge features AdvanceTrac ® safety with RSC ® Roll Stability Control, while the Escape offers a fuel-conscious six-speed automatic transmission and Active Park Assist – amenities absent from the Honda CRV.

Nissan? Fine cars … but why settle for fine when you can love a Ford? More five-star front crash test ratings from the NHTSA. Better fuel economy (the 2010 Fusion beats the 2010 Nissan Altima by 2 mpg highway, the 2010 Taurus beats the 2010 Maxima by 2 mpg highway, the 2010 F-150 beats the 2010 Nissan Titan by 3 mpg highway). And more standard luxury, from Sync to the Escape’s active park assist – unheard of on the rival Nissan Xterra.

Why Ford? That’s easy: Because model by model, category by category, Ford’s the best.

Why Now? Also easy: Because Ford’s quality and value have never been higher. And at Hassett of Wantagh, now and always, you even get a little extra.