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More Than Just a Car Lot

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March 16, 2010

We’ve mentioned, once or twice, that Hassett of Wantagh is Long Island’s No. 1-volume Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealer, and not exactly slacking with the Subarus, either. This is more than some statistical claim to fame stamped on a business card. It’s a truth we work hard to maintain, a fact we’re very proud of and, in the end, the ultimate reflection of Hassett’s drive to be the best – and our belief that being the best only starts with the best cars.
Where it goes from there is up to your dealership of choice. At Hassett, we think it should involve a deeper relationship with the customer than the typical browse/haggle/buy dalliance. Many of our customers are repeat buyers – longtime clients who know when they come to Hassett, they’re among friends.

To create and strengthen these bonds, Hassett makes every effort to understand our customers – what they want and need when they come see us, and what they don’t. That’s our definition of customer service, of making a relationship instead of a sale, and it’s just one of the reasons the Ford Motor Company has honored Hassett with its President’s Award for Exemplary Customer Service seven consecutive times.

You may know that Hassett carries a full line of Ford F-Series trucks – the No. 1-selling vehicle in the U.S. for 33 straight years – but do you know how far Hassett goes to understand the mindset of the typical truck buyer? Joe the Plumber, Larry the Landscaper, Eleanor the Electrician … these are the people on our minds, people with jobs to do who choose their rides based on performance, not promises.

So Hassett has joined the Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association, and was an official exhibitor at the association’s 42nd annual Professional Turf, Plant and Tree Conference last week at the Nassau Coliseum. And in January, Hassett participated in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry tradeshow at the Cradle of Aviation Museum – as an official NARI member.

What does a car dealership have to do with landscaping and construction? Not much … except that these professional contractors are the ones buying the trucks, so Hassett wants to learn everything about them we can. What tools they carry. What materials they haul. How far they haul them, and under what conditions. Now, when contractors come in to discuss their truck requirements and options, Hassett is already wise to their needs – and can fill them better. That’s building a relationship that goes beyond the sale.

You also know about Hassett’s award-winning customer service (we just told you!), but did you know we want to meet you whether you’re buying a car or not? More and more past, current and future Hassett customers are signing on to our growing Social Media network, which includes Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. Learn about upcoming deals and programs at our sprawling Sunrise Highway emporium, discuss personal Hassett experiences or just talk cars – however they tune in, this lively association of auto enthusiasts expands each day, and Hassett is thrilled to connect with and learn from each new friend.

When you’re No. 1, there’s always someone looking to take you down. That’s why Hassett of Wantagh always strives to put the customer first, ensuring that along with exceptional vehicles and superior deals, our customers and friends enjoy an outstanding car-buying experience. The greatest selection, the best prices and exemplary customer service that goes way above and beyond – when we say Hassett Has It, that’s what we’re talking about.