Hassett Automotive

Hassett of Wantagh has always brought its valued customers the latest and greatest models hot off the Ford assembly line. Now Hassett’s doing it again: Introducing the clever and hardworking 2010 Ford Transit Connect, the cargo van that thinks it’s a minivan that thinks it’s a car that thinks it’s a sports car!

But never mind the identity crisis. Bottom line: The Transit Connect is a zippy and customizable combination of best-in-class fuel economy and over 135 cubic feet of cargo space – and Hassett Has It!

Easy to drive, easy to park and easy on the wallet (with a MSRP of around $20,780), the 2010 Transit Connect is already emerging as one of Ford’s top cargo choices for small businesses serving clients in the big city or the wide-open countryside.

Featuring EPA-estimated gas mileage of 22 city/25 highway, a four-speed automatic transmission with multi-port fuel injection system and “street-smart maneuverability” designed specifically for corners and tight spots, the Transit Connect is powerful and eminently drivable – but that’s only the vehicle’s heart. Now check out its soul.

Climb behind the adjustable wheel, notice the available seating for up to five passengers and enjoy amenities like the “smart storage” system keeping everything you need – from morning coffee to invoices – within easy reach, and you’ll not always remember this is a cargo van. But with features like a 1,600-pound payload capacity, all-around access (with near-vertical sidewalls) and a spacious cargo box that can accommodate objects larger than 6 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet, you’ll never forget the Transit Connect is the workhorse you’ve always wanted.

And we still haven’t mentioned the Transit Connect’s customizable features: from wall and roof racks to flexible shelving and drawer units, Hassett can help you design a Cargo Management System specific to your needs – interior packages you won’t find anywhere else.

See Hassett today to learn more about the cargo van that, according to reviewer Edmunds.com, offers “excellent fuel economy, cavernous space given its exterior size and innovative high-tech options.”