Hassett Automotive

In a recent road test challenge, the newest of Ford’s hybrid vehicles, the 2010 Fusion, set a world record — traveling a number of miles on a single tank of gas so large it surprised even the experts who trained the drivers for the event.

The challenge was to drive 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas, and the Fusion passed that milestone without looking back — traveling an incredible 1,445.7 miles. The nonstop trip from fill-up to empty took place over three days and nights and featured a course that included elevation changes, open highway conditions and traffic-clogged roads in our nation’s capital.

Drivers were trained to take advantage of road conditions and taught key methods of conserving fuel. The training — combined with the vehicle’s hybrid drive train, which shuts down the gas engine to conserve fuel at certain times — crowned the Fusion champion both at the pump and at protecting our environment.